Baby Ritzy Rider™ Infant Car Seat Cover

Determine which fabric you would like to display. With the Itzy Ritzy label at the top, stretch the Baby Ritzy Rider™ over your car seat. With both sets of velcro flaps undone, pull each of the car seat shoulder harness straps through the flaps then close them. Pull harness connector through bottom opening of the cover.

To remove, simply open the velcro flaps on each side and pull your Baby Ritzy Rider™ off of your car seat.

For canopy hood, remove original hood and slide existing plastic insert through the opening at the bottom of your Baby Ritzy Rider™ hood. Reattach the plastic insert to the car seat and stretch the elastic of your Baby Ritzy Rider™ hood over the back of the car seat.

The Itzy Ritzy car seat cover is used as a slipcover over original car seat. Do not remove manufacturer’s original car seat cover.

Machine wash cold with like colors, without bleach, line dry recommended.

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